Beatriz Brinckmann

Rhythmic Expressive Gymnastic based on Yoga and Greek Plastic Arts

This system created by Susana Milderman in the beginning of the 1950th in Argentina with the Name Rhythmic Expressive Gymnastic based on Yoga and Greek Plastic Arts.

As a method of Self Realization and Psycho-Physical equilibrium. To devise the messages of the body, its movements and the energy which moves it.As a preventive Method to counteract the social conditions which life generates: tension, lack of communication, stress and imbalance.

Supported by Music this work points first at the physical body to harmonize our different Body’s :Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. That is why we say that we do Yoga.

“The secret of Yoga is that you never can understand it, or be a Yogui, till you experiments and actualizes what it means to be a Yogui. Yoga is the actualization of the Unity of the Universe and the Cosmos, reflecting this Unity through your thinking, words, actions and work . If a person does any kind of work where he gives love, grace and gratefulness he is a Yogui. If he does not divide people and does not cause conflict he is a Yogui. (Torkom Saraydarian, Agni Yoga vol.1)”

Rhythmic: because the Music allows us to experience the different Psycho-Physical states Expressive because through breathing we can bridge Feeling and Emotion, which you can see reflected in Greek Statues. The word Gymnastic in Greek signifies the movement of any physical body.