Beatriz Brinckmann


First of all I want to thank Liliana Ardiles and Simonetta Imperiali di Francavilla de Kehidai who with the creation (founding) of the Yogui Institute in San Isidro prov.of Buenos Aires Argentina en the year 1995, and their infinite patience, allowed me and all the instructors’ who passed through the Institute to work and learn this System.

Dionysius and Apollo fought for their position in Athens. None was able to impose himself on the other. The Symbolic language of this Myth transmits the Greek idea of man.

Dionysius and Apollo Body and Psyche, are brothers, they have the same value, they can`t conquer each other or supplant each other in their functions. The artists of the V century B.C found a way to coordinate these two forces, proposing a new way of putting the body in space, giving their sculptures a profound inner movement which imprints in the body a new vibration full of spirituality.

Susana MIlderman`s group started to experiment with the expression of feelings, emotions and tendencies. Here she did not remain satisfied, how to pass from the static form to the expression in movement. This took her to search in Yoga philosophy where she found the key in Breathing. Through the pulsation at different levels (height’s) of the body from inwards to outwards, the plastic of Greek sculptures transform themselves Into vital expressions of the Human-being.

This is why the classes are divided in two half hours. One Dyonisius which works the lower part and Apollean which works the higher part of the body. The aim is to go through the different characters and polarities, strong-weak, good- bad, loving - angry as a play and without becoming fixed in any.

Conflicts will resolve themselves without the need to understand why or because as the stagnant energy begins to move. When the memory of energy stowed away in the muscles through early conflicts liberates itself, becomes conscious, and gives us the possibility to understand and integrate the material. This is an accelerating complement for any psychotherapeutic work.

Different frequencies of thought run around in particular patterns. For example through the body. Consequently if a mechanism or pattern of thought persists, the energetic current gets fixed and closes, finally the body gets fixed in a specific way of movement and behaviour. This mechanism makes that the flow of thought restricts itself to search and explore different potential alternatives. Other possible points of view stop being supported by light and energy and the whole system gets stuck in one point of view, one opinion one reality.

The work of the Gymnastic starts to dissolve this mechanism, by moving zones which the body is not used to use, and from there the person is able to modify it.

The Mind has to be Concentrated during the whole session as the participants have to copy the instructor. At the same time we work on posture, the alignment of the body through the points of support which help us to find the right symmetric axis. To learn to be properly grounded as the good physical support is at the same time a good psychological support.

Posture has a lot to do with our emotional and mental state and the tone of voice in communication that it is why we talk about “Body Language” I would like to add this phrase by Laura Esquivel in her book “La Malinche Altea Alfaguarda S.A. Ediciones 2006.

A static body limits itself, a moving body expands, and it becomes part of all. But we have to know when to walk quikley, without heavy loads. Walking fills us with energy and transforms us to be able to see the secret of things.

Walking transforms us into Butterfly`s which raises us, and look at the reality of what He is. What life is. What our body is. It is the eternity of Consciousness. It is the understanding of everything. This is God in us, but if you want you can stay sitting and become a stone.

In the human body we all have a Butterfly. (The Pelvis)