Beatriz Brinckmann


I had a bilingual education in Spanish and German, later studied French at the University in Geneva Switzerland and I am fluent in English. In 1976 I started to work as an instructor of the Milderman Body- Mind –Soul System in 1979 till 1997at the Yogui Institute in San Isidro,founded by Liliana Ardiles and Simonetta Imperiali de Francavilla de Kehidai. Where I learned this method, which was created in Argentina by Susana Milderman in the early 50th. From 1997 till now I have taught this privately and at Seminars. I participated at a Seminar given by the Saraydarian Institute in Fort Lauderdale USA in May 2004.

I finished my Counselling Studies in 1997 at the Instituto Holos in Buenos Aires, have worked as an active member of the Argentine Counselling Association from 2000 to 2005,have been President of this same Association from 2000 to 2002. I Counsel in Bereavement, Cancer and Family problems.

I am member of the International Counselling Association Executive Council since 2003, Vice-president from 2004-2010. I helped organize the International Conference in Buenos Aires in 2005.

The Workshop Becoming conscious of my Body Language has been presented at several International Conferences: Buenos Aires 2005; Brisbane-Australia 2006; Malta 2008; and University of Warrick UK 2009 2007 I presented Wellness in the Older Age, at the University of Cork, Ireland.

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